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Join The Dots has lots to report. The idea of a relaxed friendly safe place to be is proving to be what people want. People are chatting building up trust being supported in a totally different way from what they are used to. It just flows in an organic way someone needs support with filling in a form its just done there and then or help writing a letter it all just happens without the anxiety of waiting for appointments or being let down. Along with all this support there is the art and creative pastimes. And we all know that art is good for the soul and supports our good mental health. So much variety .

This is what Last years members told us.

‘If everything was under one roof, especially for people with anxiety where you’re having to go here and there and find these places, it’ll be a lot less stressful.’

‘A lot of people are very intimidated by forms. I’m quite smart, but I get intimidated by forms, especially from the DWP. They have more or less the same question four of three times but asked slightly differently. That’s hard.’

‘One of the main things would make addicts life better when they truly are ready to recover is to get help with their mental health. I’m not suggesting this happens when they’re in a full-blown habitual drug use, but I think even just having the feeling that the person has enough faith in them to make you more confident and reduce your drug use.’ ‘I think it’s very sad I had to go to prison to get the wonderful help and support that I now have.’

‘I think the art thing is important. Because after a trauma has happened it knocks your confidence till there’s none left, and it’s really hard to get that back. And I don’t think it’s something you can get back on your own. I’ve been trying and its really, really difficult. Today had a really good, positive impact.’

‘I got help with a work coach. It was all though Join the Dots, mind those people came in? It felt good man. If I wasn’t in Join the Dots in the first place, I wouldn’t have known why I wasn’t getting my money back and how to get these benefits. Just from that wee half an hour appointment I found new information.’ 

‘On the first day I didn’t want to really be there. I was a wee bit anxious. But the staff there have been brilliant, really welcoming. And it’s because of them I feel more relaxed in the group and I can talk to people from different backgrounds, people who have never been involved in crime, so it’s good to get a wee bit of advice from them.’

‘My past was really bad you know? And to talk to somebody, it was a bit of a relief you know? I trusted the guy and I talked to him. And if I’m going to get help to become a decent guy I need to open up to people and speak to them, get the support I need. And it’s thanks to Theatre Nemo and Join the dots  I’ve been able to do that.’

‘I’m the kind of person if I would have gone in their myself (to the job centre) I’d have just gone off on one. But they came in here and spoke to us and were basically civil and that… Before I’d have gone in angry, I’d have lost the plot, but when they people from the DWP came in, aye, they kinda helped us out. Made things a lot better for me. The woman went right deep in to find out what was happening with my benefits. She was like that, right in… It’s nice when somebody actually listens to you, she took the time and she listen to me. I was happy with that.’

‘The artistic side that’s generated a kinda good feeling, I look forward to this morning so I can do my art. I find it excellent. It keeps me out that hostel all day. Coming in here and talking about some decent things, with decent people. I actually look forward to coming here you know? I really do.’

‘Just the fact I quite enjoy it and I’ve never really done anything like this before, and I feel as if I’m getting a bit more confidence about myself and meeting new people. My confidence used to be quite low. I couldn’t leave the house or talk to people unless I had a drink in me. I wasn’t confident about myself. But now, I don’t care so much. I’m up front, Im up for it. I’m loosing the fear.’